Day 5 – Distractions, distractions everywhere!

The modern world has a lot of distractions.  The smartphone is the biggest.

Even though I’ve switched to the brick phone, I still don’t feel that much more disconnected from the smartphone.  The reason is because I still use it at home for browsing.  When home it is subconsciously planted in my mind that my smartphone is close by, with all of its wonderful distractions, and my rules say nothing about not using it at home.  So when I am home my smartphone usage is still pretty high.

You may say to change the rules then – limit yourself to a certain time amount, or disallow use completely.  While this may work in theory, in practice there is this little thing called will power.  Its the thing that makes you do things that you don’t really want to do, like brush your teeth or scrub your feet.  You don’t HAVE to do it, but by using your will power you will do it. And the funny thing about will power is you only have a certain amount of it every day (kind of like gas in a car).

Imagine that you say to yourself: “Today I will wake up at 7AM, not snooze, cook breakfast, do some exercises, read, prepare lunch, focus at work, watch only 30 minutes of TV at home, clean when I get back, call Billy, and sleep by 11.”  In theory this sounds great and easy. Just use will power!  In reality its basically impossible.  You may do that for a day, maybe 2.  Actually if you stick to that for a week I will give you a medal.  But in reality these sorts of ‘goals’ don’t really work because, like I said, you only have so much will power in the day.

Anyways, how does this tie into me using my smartphone when I’m home?  Well, I have a couple ideas which will require me to really take a rather large leap, so to speak.  I’m not going to do it yet, but soon. Stay tuned.


PS I really like the charge length of my brick phone.  Having to plug in the phone only once or twice a week is REALLY nice!  And now that I think about it, the fact that we have to ‘plug’ in to the outlet every night before bed kind of makes us robots, doesn’t it? 😛


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