Day 21 – Coasting

With more than 2/3 of the way through my little experiment, I would say that at this point I am coasting through.  The brick phone sits in my pocket and I hardly give it a second thought.  I send and receive texts and calls, charge it once or twice a week, and regularly check it to make sure it is either in “normal” mode or “silent” mode (normal mode being LOUD mode). Sometimes I will go for half a day without checking for messages when at home – I will literally forget about my actual phone (this usually happens in the morning).  This is because I have two phones to use – my smartphone is used for browsing, so I don’t feel the need to check my other one.

But yea, I am coasting with the phone – there are not as many new observations to make about it.  I also wonder if I am going to swap SIM cards back when the 30 days runs up – my gut tells me that I will wait until the quarter is over (end of March), just to reduce distractions.

We will see.



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