Day 22 – Grinding

Or maybe I’m ‘grinding’?

That’s what people like to say these days – grinding.  I never really understood that term – grinding – but I think I’m starting to.

Part of my goal with this blog was to write every day about my observations with relation to my phone – for 30 days.  Well, right now this is the challenge.  I’m “grinding” when it comes to the writing.  Carrying the brick phone around?  No problem.  Not having apps in my pocket?  No Problem. No camera to take a picture of the turkeys?  No problem.

Remembering that I still need to release a blog post every day?  That still requires action, time, and some focus.

So that is why I am saying that right now I am grinding with this experiment. Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to finish.  And don’t get me wrong, I am still getting a benefit out of this.   And lastly, don’t get me wrong, it’s not hard, per se.  But in a sense, it is now a grind.  There is not much new observation left when it comes to this phone, so in a way I am forced to think and observe out of the box.

I did just crank out a brand new blog post about something somewhat interesting, so perhaps there is something left to this.  We will see.  There is about a week to go.


PS – I am currently still a day behind on my posts, so I need to release two in one day, at some point (and I don’t want to place two days in one as I did a few days back). It may be today, because this one I got out early – 3:30PM.



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