Day 29 – Future

It is interesting to think where the future will take us.

In just five to ten years we have all become connected.  Not only with each other, but with the global ‘cloud’ as well.  The Internet provides us with limitless possibilities and knowledge options, all within the reach of our fingertips.  When the first iPhone came out, it was seen as a revolution.  It was groundbreaking – the hottest story, the hottest gadget.  The touchscreen phone set people off and our species into a new, futuristic era, with a beautiful digital display at everyone’s fingertips.

When the iPhone came out the demand was through the rough, and the price point as well – a hefty half a thousand dollars.  Interestingly enough the price of the iPhone has actually gone up, but lower end smartphones can easily be bought for a hundred dollars or less, making this gadget completely ubiquitous.  You’d be hard pressed to find someone in the non-smartphone owner category, especially among the so-called ‘millennial’ generation.

And why should you?  Smartphones make our lives so much easier and more convenient.  All your friends all over the world at your fingertips, and all the latest news as well.  Your emails, calendar, music, etc – it’s all there, so why use anything else?

If it took us this short of a time to get to where we are with smartphones, the question is – where will we go in the next ten or twenty years?  Are self driving cars going to be the norm?  Are we all going to have virtual reality glasses?  Or hover boards, ones that actually work and don’t explode under your feet?

These are all very interesting questions, and I think the near future holds for us gadgets that we can’t even imagine right now, things that will make our lives even more enjoyable.  But while we should welcome these innovations eagerly, it is important to remember our origins – how things are before the technology.  Because in reality, technology does not define who we are as humans.  Usually it is an aid, an enhancer, a ‘time-free-er’, an entertainer, an assistant, and much more.  But there is a divide between us and technology, a divide that only the most exploratory thinkers dare cross.  This divide, we must not forget.



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