Day 30 – Grand Finale

So I have been using my brick phone for exactly 30 days now as my cell phone device.  My smartphone has been in my room for most of the time, where I would take it out occasionally to use as my secondary computer.  Without its SIM card, the smartphone on my desk is now a modern day handheld computer – very handy and practical, yet not nearly as distracting.


In the last month I have gotten used to having a brickphone in my pocket.  I can text and call no problem.  The charge on the battery doesn’t run out after a day, and I’m not distracted by email and Facebook notifications while I am out and about.  I’ve been able to observe my surroundings more, and look at and interact with the people around me in a little bit of a better manner.  I also don’t have the excuse to look down at my phone if I am in a foreign situation – well, I can always pull out my brick phone, but there is really nothing there to look at!  So I am forced to do something else, and after the initial shock of it all it ain’t that bad.

Throughout this little adventure I flip flopped on whether or not I would go back to my One Plus after the time runs up.  Am I doing this just to say I tried? I would ask myself.  Do I really think it will do anything?

Well, I the 30 days are up, and I don’t fee obligated to myself to keep going.  I can swap the SIM cards and continue living with my smartphone the way I were before.

… But for now, I will keep it as is.

In reality, the brick phone has not affected my quality of life in a negative way.  I am not getting lost in the middle of the day, I am able to figure out where a nearby restaurant is if I want some food, and I am still staying on top of my work without having to be on email 24/7.  And on the plus, I have a little bit better focus in class (unless I bring my laptop, which I can then browse instead, sort of defeating the purpose), I’m not distracting my self on my phone while I drive (actually great for safety!) and I don’t even have to remember to charge my phone before bed every night (each charge runs 3+ days).  So while I do miss sending and receiving emojis and pictures, as well as the ability to send awesome SnapChats throughout the day, for now I do have more important things to focus on – such as improving focus, mindfulness, and alertness.

My academic quarter ends the third week on March.  I imagine that by then I will know if I am going to switch back.  But for now my focus is elsewhere, so the SIM card stays where it is!

Overall, the experiment was a success.  I still use my smartphone a hell of a lot while at home and I still ‘check’ my brickphone a lot while outside (by habit).  These are simply things to be mindful of.  And I did enjoy writing every day for 30 days – if not the actual process then the end result for sure.

Most likely I will do some update posts about my phone usage – did I go back to my previous habits (relapse) or is it phased out for good (depending on the job I get in the future, it may be unlikely).  We will see.

To anyone that read this blog, thanks!  I appreciate any feedback, either in comments, to my email (alexbudy [at] or through my website:

Thanks, and have a nice day



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